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Time to Talk Day

By Fiona Wilkins - February 1st, 2024 | Posted in Article

Staff at OHC&AT are taking a moment to check in with each other on Time To Talk Day the nation’s biggest mental health conversation. Time to Talk Day, takes place every year and is a day for families, friends, communities and workplaces to come together, talk and change lives.

Laurie Cornwell, Deputy CEO, said, “I cannot think of anything more closely aligned to the key driver for OHC&AT – working together to transform lives. So, help yourself to a biscuit, stick the kettle on and make time for each other. Let’s all look out for our mental health and each other.”

College Centres and Academies across the Trust have also been taking the opportunity to start a conversation about mental health. For example, the PRIDE Academy in Hillingdon is hosting a coffee morning for parents and carers and drop in sessions for staff and students throughout the day.

The more conversations we have, the better life is for everyone. Talking about mental health isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s even harder to say how you really feel. But a conversation has the power to change lives.

Time to Talk Day