10376 OHC Xmas Card 2022 B V2

The College winning Christmas Card!

By Adrian Notter - December 3rd, 2022 | Posted in News

Orchard Hill College were also thrilled to have taken part in the Annual Christmas Card Competition.

Louise Pasquill, our independent judge was kind enough to also judge the College entries.

First place went to Samuel from Lomond House in Southwark.

Louise commented on Samuel’s entry: “Samuel is really rocking his way around the Christmas tree here.  The colour mix of black and white for the figure and colour for the decorations creates contrast and impact.  Bowie is in the film “The Snowman” too!  The drawing in brilliant, I can hear the famous rock legend singing Christmas cheer from your design.  Very festive, well done”.

Second place went to Sam from VPC. Louise’s appraisal of Sam’s work was as follows: “Sam’s design is very thoughtfully assembled and has a lovely warm texture.  The circular shape works well in the centre of the square format, the wreath being made from collaged tissue paper compliments the soft edge of the “NOEL” in contrast to the red background.  The message is clear and the repeated patterns around the wreath and traditional design are well made.  Congratulations Sam”.

A huge thank you to all the students who took part in our competition.

Merry Christmas!!!