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Red Nose Day

By Adrian Notter - March 23rd, 2022 | Posted in News

A number of schools from across the trust took part in fun activities to mark this year’s Red Nose Day and raise money for the Comic Relief Charity.


At Addington Valley Academy the therapists organised Attention Autism Activities using a Red Nose themed bucket and they created a wonderful Red Nose Day mural.

Students at Orchard Hill College decorated fabric and made it into wall art, which they auctioned to raise money for Comic Relief.

It was a whole school effort at Arbour Vale School to make sure everyone was able to join in the fun and make it the most inclusive day ever and help raise as much money as possible for the charity Comic Relief. 

Activities included a Dance-a-thon for the youngest pupils in Early Years and the Primary School, whilst the secondary and Post-16 students took part in a team Marathon, with the aim of running, walking, and cycling the distance together.

The students in the profound and multiple learning disability department took part in a noise-a-thon, the opposite of a sponsored silence, to shout and show their support for all the good that Comic Relief does for families who are in need.    

Alicia Payne, Dorchester Class Teacher who organised the Red Nose Day activities at Arbour Vale School was interviewed on BBC Radio Berkshire’s Breakfast Show and said: “We are aiming to raise as much money as we physically can today but it is also important for us all to come together. We want our pupils to see that if we do things together, we can make people happy and make a difference to those who need support.”