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Ofsted report confirms Nightingale Community Academy’s view of excellent progress since academy conversion

By Adrian Notter - February 27th, 2019 | Posted in News

Nightingale Community Academy was pleased to have a recent visit from Ofsted. The latest report confirms the school has made excellent progress since joining OHCAT and converting to academy status.

The report found:

“The principal and leadership team, well supported by the Orchard Hill College and Academy Trust, have provided strong leadership, which has had a positive impact on the school’s effectiveness. As a result, there have been improvements in all areas, most noticeably in pupils’ behaviour and attitudes, the curriculum and in the wider opportunities for pupils.”

“The academic curriculum is strongly supported by a range of therapies, such as creative arts, speech and language therapy, and sensory work, which are designed to meet pupils’ different needs.”

“The school’s ethos is based on respect. Staff are good role models. They treat the pupils with consideration and expect pupils to respond in the same way. Pupils do not always find this easy, but almost all establish good relationships.”

“Leaders have completely redesigned the curriculum in key stages 1 to 4. It now supports all aspects of pupils’ learning well.”

“The work pupils do on ‘Tom’s Farm’ helps them to develop a sense of responsibility as they learn to look after the animals and understand their different needs. They are also learning about growing fruit and vegetables, and older pupils can take vocational courses in animal care and horticulture.”

“The curriculum includes good careers education so that pupils are being better prepared for their next steps, whether this is to stay on into the sixth form or move on to college or an apprenticeship.”

“Pupils also said that they feel safe in the school, and are confident that there are people to go to if they have any concerns.”

Principal, Andre Bailey said ” I’m delighted that the Ofsted team has agreed with me about the excellent progress we have made since Academy conversion in 2016. My team has worked hard to build a new curriculum and new assessment systems through the primary, secondary and 6th form phases and this has been recognised. The inclusion team and the farm have also been singled out for praise and this validates our decision to invest in therapies and our work related offer. I’ve been through a number of inspections over the years and this has to be amongst the most satisfying. The support received from Orchard Hill College & Academy Trust was, and continues to be invaluable. We are building something special at NCA and this report confirms that we are heading in the right direction and that our boys are making better progress as a result.”

You can read the full report here.