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Official opening of Addington Valley Academy’s new school building

By Adrian Notter - November 26th, 2021 | Posted in News

Last night marked the official opening of Addington Valley Academy’s new school building. OHC&AT in partnership with Croydon Council invited representatives from all of the partners who worked together to research, design, fund and build the new school to celebrate together with staff, parents and students.
The leader of Croydon Council, Councillor Hamida Ali, said: ‘This is my first visit to Addington Valley Academy and I have been blown away by the amazing facilities that are on offer to children right across the borough with special educational needs. The way that the school has been designed and the staff team are amazing. I am proud that Croydon has this excellent provision providing a great opportunities for children and young people.
John Prior, CEO of OHC&AT, thanked attendees for their holistic approached to the project ‘an excellent example of great team work, resulting in an incredible school for the community’.
Principal of Addington Valley Academy, John Reilly thanked his team for ‘their heart and dedication to nurture and inspire their students’ for whom they have great aspirations. There was a special thank you to his two student ambassadors for their help at the event, they had the most important job of the night, cutting the red ribbon to declare to building officially open! Mr Reilly concluded that he was very proud of them as he and his team are of all their incredible students.
However, it was a parent who perfectly summed up the ethos of the school, saying: ‘This school is more like a family than a school, everyone works together – parents, students and teachers. It is the loveliest environment. Staff care about your child in the same way that you care about your child. The learning is out of this world, my child has gone up in so many levels, I am so happy he is here.’