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MOVE ‘Pursue Excellence’ Award for Bedelsford School

By Fiona Wilkins - November 24th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Congratulations to Bedelsford School who have been awarded the MOVE Pursue Excellence Award. The MOVE Programme is a child-centred framework that enables disabled children and young people to gain independent movement.

Assistant Principal, Jessica Webb was invited to present about how Communication and MOVE work together at Bedelsford at the annual MOVE programme conference and received the award on behalf of the school at the event.

Principal Emmet Murphy said, “We are delighted to have been awarded with the ‘Pursue Excellence’ award at the MOVE Conference. It is wonderful that our students, families, staff and local therapy team have been recognised in this way for all the work we do together to promote MOVE in our community.”

As part of the award, the school were given a £500 prize from Jiraffe and will be using this to purchase mobility equipment for use in school.

Bedelsford School was awarded with the MOVE Centre of Excellence quality mark in May this year and Assistant Principal, Jessica Webb is an Associate MOVE trainer. Bedelsford have worked to develop the MOVE programme across the school and have a further two MOVE trainers who support the programme. The school has been using the MOVE programme for a number of years and was awarded the MOVE Gold quality mark last year in recognition of the work the school has done to embed the MOVE programme into the school day for all pupils.

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