Jeremy Hunt MP visits St Dominic’s School

By Adrian Notter - June 4th, 2022 | Posted in News

The Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt MP for South West Surrey (that includes St Dominic’s School) and local resident visited the school last week. Students welcomed him with a handmade card and were keen to show him to the Chapel gardens where stands their full sized metal sculpture of a unicorn. Principal, Vicky Perry explained that the impressive structure was a collaboration between students and local artist, Alison Catchlove. The sculpture is the national symbol of Scotland which is a great addition to their existing figurine of a lion (the national symbol of England). Mr Hunt was invited to officially name the unicorn ‘Dave’ by placing a plaque in the garden. Students explained that the lower school ran a competition to choose the name, and Dave was declared the winner.  They also shared their plans to create a Dragon and an Elk so that all four parts of the United Kingdom are represented and celebrated. The Chapel garden also displays a flag of the United Kingdom and beautiful poppies, to remind the school community of the values they try and live by, and those who have given their lives defending them.

Next stop was the newly refurbished Sixth Form, where students proudly showed off their new facilities including an amazing new kitchen area, Mr Hunt was presented a freshly baked and decorated cake prepared by students to take home. Students took the opportunity to talk about their Student Voice, they explained that representatives are elected at the beginning of the year and represent four constituencies (Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form) and each elects two representatives.

Students went on to explain how the four political parties debate the four priorities in the School’s Development Plan – Equality, Community, Values, and Progress. Mr Hunt was interested to hear that the Student Voice appoints and oversees House Captains, Equality Champions and Safeguarding Ambassadors and was impressed that it makes and delivers proposals and has opportunities to question members of the Senior Leadership Team.

The visit concluded with an accomplished acoustic performance by Sixth former, Billy who sang and played a classic Nirvana number which received a standing ovation from our visitor, staff and students.