What we do

At all levels, OHC&AT governance offers support and challenge to leaders and managers within the organisation. The Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of OHC&AT and operates according to the terms laid out in the Articles of Association.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Setting the values, aims and objectives of OHC&AT
  • Agreeing a policy framework for achieving the agreed aims and objectives
  • Appointing the Principal/Headteacher of College and Academies
  • Defining and delegating responsibilities to the Academies Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) in the OHCAT Scheme of Delegation.

The Board of Trustees meets at least once per term. OHC&AT operates a portfolio governance system, assigning strategic areas to Trustees and Governors via skill matching. Portfolio areas are:

  • Ethos, Vision and Strategy
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Finance and Resources
  • Health and Safety, Safeguarding and Child Protection
  • HR and Organisational Development
  • Business Development and Marketing

As part of their portfolio activities, Trustees play an important part in the life of the organisation through participation in such activities as learning walks, interview panels, data scrutiny, policy review and many more.

The Board has also established the following committees to oversee specific aspects of OHC&AT’s work:

  • Remuneration Committee: this meets once per year to determine the salaries of senior post holders;
    Membership of this Committee:  Peter Lauener, Stephen Lawes, Jay Mercer.
  • Audit Committee: this meets three times per year to provide robust scrutiny of all matters pertaining to finance, quality and risk management;
    Membership of this Committee:  Stephen Lawes, Rama Venchard, Yolande Burgess.
  • Finance and Resources Committee:  this meets four times per year to have oversight of OHC&AT’s current and longer term financial position, ensuring levels of resourcing are sufficient to deliver OHC&ATs core purpose.
    Membership of this Committee: Stephen Lawes, Peter Lauener, vacancy x 2.
  • Chairs’ Committee: this committee brings together the Chairs of every governing body at local and Trustee level, facilitating clear communication between LGBs and the Board.
    Membership of this Committee:  All Chairs or their representative.
  • Safeguarding Oversight Committee:  this meets three times per year to oversee all matters relating to safeguarding.
    Membership of this Committee: Barbara McIntosh, Jay Mercer, Peter Lauener.
  • Quality & Standards Committee:  this meets three times per year to monitor the quality of the curriculum, quality and standards of education across all of OHC&AT’s provisions.
    Membership of this Committee:  Jay Mercer, Peter Lauener, Helen Norris.

Details of Trustees’ and Members’ attendance at meetings, date of appointment, register of business interests, as well as the Scheme of Delegation and Schedule of Responsibility, can be found within this section of the website.