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‘Good’ Ofsted for Brantridge

By Adrian Notter - July 6th, 2022 | Posted in News

We are delighted to announce that Brantridge School has been judged by Ofsted to be Good overall and Outstanding in the area of personal development. The school was inspected in May 2022, it’s first inspection since it converted to an Academy within the Orchard Hill College Academy Trust.

Dafydd Roberts, Principal, thanked the large number of parents who responded to the Ofsted questionnaire, “We are grateful for parents’ positive feedback and would encourage everyone to read the report because there are some lovely sentences in it. The first sentence for example, simply says ‘Pupils thrive at Brantridge School’.”

Here are some of the other highlights from the report:

“Leaders have established an atmosphere of calm belief that all can achieve. Pupils respond very well to this and settle quickly, working hard to meet the high expectations. Parents and carers note this in their unanimous praise for the school, with many commenting on the positive difference they see in their children. One noted that her son, ‘has come on leaps and bounds, cognitively, behaviourally and socially.’ Another parent called the school, ‘a happy place for all’.

“Pupils are confident that staff are always there for them. They feel safe and report that all grown-ups act quickly if anyone is mean or behaves poorly.”

“Staff are highly skilled in identifying pupils’ SEND. They adapt activities to support pupils’ SEMH and specific learning needs thoughtfully and effectively, matching provision to need exceptionally well.”

“Pupils have a wide, rich set of experiences that help them to grow as happy, rounded individuals. They learn to relfect on their own view of the world and to be interested in the world around them. Weekly off-site trips and experiences help them to prepare for adulthood as they successfully navigate expectation beyond school and home.”

To read the full report, please click the link below

Brantridge School Ofsted Report – May 2022