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40 miles for 40 Years

By Ellie Stevens - November 10th, 2023 | Posted in News

In celebration of the 40 Year anniversary of Orchard Hill College, students and staff, from all our College centres, came together to take part in our 80’s themed ‘40 miles for 40 Years’ sponsored walk.  Despite the very wet and windy weather, we collectively achieved over 550 miles, a reflection of the resilience and unity within the College community. The conclusion of the day was an 80’s themed party adding a joyful and memorable touch to the celebrations.

The historical journey of the College, started in 1983 as a small hospital provision and later expanded into the community offering a wealth of opportunities for a wide variety of young people. The ethos and core values of the College have remained at the heart of our 40-year journey, while we continually seek innovative ways to improve and guarantee the best possible outcomes for our students.

For those willing to contribute and support the College’s ongoing work please visit: Orchard Hill College 1983 – JustGiving Page. Every donation, irrespective of the amount, plays a crucial role in helping us to continue our vital work.

We look forward to the next 40 years with the same unwavering passion and commitment to providing outstanding educational opportunities.